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Credit Ombud Enters New Field Of Play

Adv. Randolph Samuel @ Lucid Living™ The Credit Ombud recently announced that it has expanded its jurisdiction to include complaints related to credit transactions. Related Posts:Constitutional Court Ruling May Offer Consumers Better Protection From BanksDebt Counselling Stops Legal ActionReckless Lending Continues UnabatedBig Banks Engage In Reckless CreditThe Draft National Credit Amendment Bill

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FIFA Starts, And Start Ups Begin (Part 1)

By K. Moodley (Dir.) How to Start a Business – Part 1 When we won the FIFA tender 5 years ago, I vivdly remember the entrepreneurial buzz. There was talk of business ideas, and of supplementary income, from letting homes to tourists, and catering ideas, to setting up full businesses from entertainment to memorabilia. It’s […]

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Get Sorted: File Your Tax Return On Time!

By Justin Wolff The end of February marks the end of another tax year and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to try and make this year’s filing a bit less crazy than the last. Related Posts:Money Issues In A RelationshipSerial Shoppers Need HelpDebt-Free WeddingsIrresponsible AdvertisingMen Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

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