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Tips To Get Out Of Debt (Part 2)

John Vaughan (Financial Advisor) @ Lucid Living In Part 1 of this article, we offered you 5 powerful steps to immediately STOP your debt splurge. If you implemented those steps, your debt hang-over should be subsiding and you should be feeling far more confident about your prospects of successfully getting out of debt. Related Posts:South […]

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Tips To Get Out Of Debt (Part 1)

John Vaughan (Financial Advisor) @ Lucid Living For some, job loss, health issues, and major unexpected house/car/family emergencies have loaded them up with debt.  For most, however, debt is the result of unconscious spending, poor money management, or both. Related Posts:Money Issues In A RelationshipDebt-Free WeddingsTalking About DebtLucid Formula To Financial SuccessPrioritizing Your Debt Repayment

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Debt Stressed? Will Your Bank Help You or Themselves?

John Vaughan (Financial Advisor) @ Lucid Living In order to mitigate burgeoning bad debts, banks have established “credit rehabilitation” departments. The role of these departments is to provide clients with alternatives (i.e. restructuring repayment terms) to debt counselling. Banks aggressively promote the use of this service and commit to “helping you” their valued client. Related […]

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