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Stick With Your Resolutions All Year Long

Adv Kate Thambiran @ Lucid Living The beginning of a New Year is seen by many as a natural time to make resolutions to change their lives. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are also notorious for being broken quickly. Related Posts:Money Issues In A RelationshipSerial Shoppers Need HelpDebt-Free WeddingsIrresponsible AdvertisingTalking About Debt

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Credit Scores Determine Insurance Premiums

At one insurer a poor credit score could cost you 35% to 40% more in premiums, while at another it could disqualify you from obtaining cover.

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Credit Bureaus Determine Whether You Get Insurance

TransUnion credit bureau, like all registered credit bureaus, is legally compelled to disclose this information to you. Furthermore, you are entitled to challenge the accuracy and validity of the information.

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