Traffic Fines – View, Challenge  & Pay

Lucid brings you, traffic fine information.

View it online and in real time, for ​FREE!​

Challenge fines that are incorrect!

Get up to ​50% discount​, when you pay online from our app.


When Do You Need It?

Since unpaid traffic fines impact your credit applications and cost you more on insurance, it’s in  your best interest to have convenient, real-time access to this information.

With the Lucid app,  you get early, proactive notification of any fine against you. You can challenge incorrect or  unlawful fines. And by using our integrated payment system, we get you a 50% discount on  fines paid within 30 days of notice to you.

Saving you money and protecting your credit worthiness

Why You Need It?

Unpaid traffic fines, may result in you being  imprisoned, when stopped at a roadblock.

You will not be permitted to renew your driver’s and  vehicle’s license.

Not paying your traffic fines, means banks and lenders view you as a bad payer. This will  negatively impact credit applications like a home loan or vehicle finance.

Unpaid traffic fines will show-up when insures quote you on car insurance. Insurers will view you  as a high risk and load your premium, if you have traffic fines for speeding, drunk & driving etc.

What We Do

Each time you login, you can request an update to view any new fines.

Pay your fines by following the system prompts. You can pay by way of ​secured credit card​ or  EFT​ payment options. Payments are cleared and settle within 24 hours.

Lucid, always innovating, to save you money and protect your credit worthiness.