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Credit Pulse is the first easy-to-understand credit report with simple explanations and sound advice on how to improve your credit status so that you can qualify for credit more easily and grow your wealth, and you get Credit Pulse in the palm of your hand to your Cellphone.

For the first time ever you can make sense of the information found on your credit report, wherever you are. Credit Pulse will tell you what your credit reputation is, if you are blacklisted, but more importantly what to do to improve your credit worthiness, lower your debt and get access to more credit.

Everyone has legal rights and as long as you do, you will always need a lawyer to protect your rights.

Whether you are getting married or involved in a car accident, need to lodge a grievance against your boss or getting letters of demand from your creditors, having a lawyer on your side is a necessity not a luxury. We all know that lawyers are costly: the average lawyer charges R700 for a one consultation. Consumers need professional legal services that are convenient and cost effective.

If you have more debt than you can manage a debt counsellor can help you lower your instalments or debt and even cancel a credit agreement if there was reckless lending by a creditor.

Debt Counselling can lower your interest rates or extend the term of your loan extended while still maintaining your standard of living.

Why do I need a Personal Counsellor?

Life has its challenges, and any kind of stress can affect your personal wellbeing. Whether you are getting married or getting divorced, losing your job or losing a loved one, we all need some kind of support from time to time. Dealing with such confidential personal matters requires trust from a trained professional, which is why you can only confide in a qualified psychologist who is registered with the Health Professions Council. A counsellor can help you with information and support that can give you peace of mind.

Why do I need Lucid Professional Team?

Because fixing part of the problem with one advisor like a Lawyer, may not fix the entire problem. If you really want to empower yourself you need an entire team of life-management professionals who are dedicated your needs and your best interests.

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