Lucid Credit Pulse

Credit Pulse is the first easy-to-understand credit report with simple explanations and sound advice on how to improve your credit status so that you can qualify for credit more easily and grow your wealth.

For the first time ever you can make sense of the information found on your credit report, wherever you are. Credit Pulse will tell you what your credit reputation is, if you are blacklisted, but more importantly what to do to improve your credit worthiness, lower your debt and get access to more credit.

Why do I need Credit Pulse?

As long as you are using credit you need to monitor your credit report, because it records your credit behaviour and is used by Credit Providers to decide whether to grant you credit or not.

Click Here to Get Your Own Credit PulseIt also affects how they charge you interest, how you repay, & whether you get employment. The credit report shows you if anyone is using your name to commit identity fraud. It examines how well you pay your accounts, and shows if you are blacklisted with negative information like defaults or judgments. You also need to update your personal information regularly because it is very possible that your credit report contains incorrect or outdated information, which if unchecked can cause you a lot of problems with how you are rated for credit.

It’s clear that a credit report is the source of your credit health, which affects your financial wellbeing. Credit-active consumers should take control of their credit reputation by owning their credit report. It’s your passport to credit, protect it well. With all this information in a credit report it can be impossible to understand, which is why you need a credit report that is easy to read and that can guide you on what to do next.

That means getting more than just a credit report, but getting Credit Pulse

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