Lucid has partnered with South Africa’s pre-eminent vehicle data and analytics company, to bring you industry leading vehicle reports and valuations.

Our partners have extensive experience and expertise, in delivering vehicle reports, vehicle valuations and vehicle analytics to the banking and insurance sectors of the market, for the past 10 years. Deploying the latest technology (big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence) and the widest and most relevant data source (live vehicle sales information collated over the past 10 years) they deliver unique and unparalleled quality.


As you have come to know, Lucid is always staying at the cutting edge of innovation. We did not want to bring you “just another” vehicle report and valuation. There are too many of these already.

They all look the same, cost the same and give you the same old insights. That is not good enough!

We researched with you, our clients, and asked you what you need and want. We listened!

Now we present to you a unique and innovative vehicle report.

We have included information and insights never before seen in vehicle reports. Our vehicle reports include live sales information on the particular vehicle. We provide you with a representation of all (national) vehicles currently being offered on the market and their pricing (aggregated into low, average and high) segmented by province. This gives you real-time insight into supply and demand and informs your negotiations. We also provide and indicative insurance premium on all vehicles. This brings you new insights and allows you to better manage your office, competition and strategy.

Lowering barriers to entry and giving our clients access to information is another cornerstone of our value proposition. To this end, we offer you access to our vehicle reports in an all inclusive monthly fee that includes your credit checks. This allows you unlimited vehicle reports and valuations at a fixed fee.

We know you are going to love our vehicle reports. Take a look at our sample report.



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