Civil Debt Judgments Still Falling

Eva Smith (Attorney) @ Lucid Living

Civil judgments for debt fell by 22,7% in August this year, compared with the same month last year, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) said on Thursday.
“During August 2011, 41,706 civil judgments for debt amounting to R438.3 million were recorded,” Stats SA said in a report.

This was the 13th successive month of decline, said economist Annabel Bishop of Investec Group Economics.

“This means that 38,000 people were issued civil judgments on their debts, compared to 49,000 a year ago.

“The historical average is 53,000 individuals, with figures of 60,000 during the 2009 recession, so August’s outcome does indicate an improvement,” she said in a statement.

A civil judgment refers to the final order of a court in a civil lawsuit, while a civil summons refers to a legal document informing individuals that lawsuits have been filed against them.

The total number of civil summonses issued for debt fell by 15,4% year on year in August.

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