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Now that you have come to an agreement and both signed the Offer to Purchase, it is time to apply for a bond.

Applying for home loans in SA is now more challenging than it was just over a year ago. The average bank decline rates have increased from 43.2% in 2015 to 47.9% in 2016.

By using this service you will greatly increase your chances of obtaining successful bond approval with the most affordable terms. We provide a comparison of the various borrowing options on offer at any particular time, and will motivate your applications individually and submit them to all banks to get you the beast deal.

More than half (56%) of all home loan approvals are only achieved now after the application has been submitted two or three times, to different financial institutions. Because we use an online platform, linked to all the banks, you only complete applications forms and submit documents – once!

19% (or one in five) of the approvals achieved, have been for applications that were initially declined by the borrower’s own bank but were then submitted to other lenders and approved. Because we submit your application to all banks, we have a greater chance of getting you approved.

Contact a LUCID Advisor or complete the form below and we’ll help you to get all your paperwork in order. Once we have all the documents ready, we’ll submit your home loan application to up to nine banks, including your own. This service is free.