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With your research in hand, you can now negotiate with a better understanding of what a reasonable price would be for the property and feel confident when signing your Offer to Purchase.

An Offer to Purchase is an agreement that contains the terms and conditions of the property transaction, and once signed by both the Buyer and the Seller, it constitutes the Deed of Sale.

In this contract you will find terms that both parties have to agree on, such as: date of occupation, occupational rent, fixtures and fittings and other conditions of sale.


You can use the Offer to Purchase as part of your negotiations where everything can be bargained, from selling price to fixtures.


But before any signing should take place, it is advisable to have an Attorney check the contract to help make everything go as smoothly as possible and prevent problems at a later stage.

Ensure that you understand the Offer to Purchase. Get to grips with the legal terms in the contract and make sure you know what’s included and excluded.

Contact a LUCID Legal Advisor to assist you. Discuss and clarify all the T&C’s and ensure your best interests are protected.