If you have more debt than you can manage a debt counsellor can help you lower your instalments or debt and even cancel a credit agreement if there was reckless lending by a creditor. Debt Counselling can lower your interest rates or extend the term of your loan extended while still maintaining your standard of living.

Debt Counselling can prevent a creditor from taking legal action against you and repossessing your house or car. Debt Counselling is also the only legal process that does NOT remain on your credit report after you are rehabilitated. This means you can become credit worthy without any long-term damage to your credit reputation. It has far more benefits than waiting for a creditor to take out a judgement against you or placing yourself under administration.

Consumers must however be warned about unqualified debt counsellors out there, who are known for abusing customers, like charging them more than the minimum rate of R350. Consumers should choose debt counsellors who operate nationally and are registered with the National Credit Regulator. If your debt counsellor is a qualified lawyer as well, then you know you will get professional services and save money on legal fees.

You can get trusted unlimited telephonic advice from our Debt Counsellor Attorneys who are registered Debt Counsellors with the National Credit Regulator, and expertly trained to manage your debt review.

If you have been declared over-indebted you will also receive a debt restructure plan and we will negotiate with creditors to lower your debt. You will also be transferred to our in-house litigation team when you need it, saving you money and ensuring that your debt counselling case is handled by the same professional from start to finish.