Everyone has legal rights and as long as you do, you will always need a lawyer to protect your rights.

Whether you are getting married or involved in a car accident, need to lodge a grievance against your boss or getting letters of demand from your creditors, having a lawyer on your side is a necessity not a luxury. We all know that lawyers are costly: the average lawyer charges R700 for a one consultation. Consumers need professional legal services that are convenient and cost effective.

Can I rescind a judgment or clear my name?

Anyone can rescind a judgment and have their credit reputation repaired with the right professional legal help. A lawyer can give you sound professional advice on how to this, but you will need a lawyer to apply for the rescission of judgment, or administration order.

Have the benefit of unlimited telephonic access to a qualified legal advisor offering you personal legal advice on family relations, labour disputes, wills, consumer rights, and contracts, and in any SA language needed. LUCID lawyers specialise in credit related advice especially on judgments and administration orders. You will also get legal templates such as examples of contracts like lease agreements or domestic worker contracts. And if you need a lawyer to draft you a legal document or litigate on your behalf our Lawyers will refer you to LUCID Litigation at affordable rates.