R1,500.00 (incl VAT)


1. If the account is reflecting an incorrect or outdated arrears amount.
2. If the arrears has since been paid and the account is currently up to date.
3. If you cannot honour/meet your current monthly instalments and want to reduce them, by up to 50%, to an affordable amount.
4. If you want to settle the outstanding debt to a creditor or attorney or collection agent and get between 20% – 50% settlement discount.




1. Arrears on an account, is an automatic reason for any bank to decline your home loan, vehicle finance, credit card or personal loan.
2. In the majority of instances, arrears on an account is also an automatic reason for any credit provider (e.g. clothing & furniture retailers, cell phone companies, mico-lenders etc.) to decline any application for credit.
3. Accounts reflecting arrears, flags you as a high risk to the banks and credit providers. It destroys your creditworthiness and any chance of securing finance.
4. If you ignore these accounts and continue to default on the monthly repayments, your creditors will blacklist you and start legal action against you. This means your account is handed over to attorneys and you will incur their legal costs and interest charges.
5. Ultimately your creditors will obtain a judgment against you, then a writ of execution, resulting in a garnishee on your salary or repossession of your assets.
6. Accounts reflecting arrears also work against you, when applying for a new job or a promotion. It suggests that you are irresponsible and cannot manage your finances.
7. If you want finance or a new job or a promotion, you must have these arrears updated and or removed.
8. This will improve your credit score and credit worthiness and will result in your finance application being approved.


A) Rapid Update

1. When you provide us with a paid-up letter or an updated statement of account, we will compel the credit provider to update the arrear account as paid-up and closed or up to date and remove the arrears.

B) Discounted Settlement Negotiations

1. We will compile a detailed financial analysis and motivation to present to your creditors, to lower your instalments or obtain a settlement discount.
2. We will represent you, in negotiations with your creditors or their attorneys or their debt collectors to ensure your legal rights are protected and you are being treated fairly.
3. We will negotiate lower monthly instalments, of up to 50%.
4. We will negotiate settlement discounts of between 20%-50%.
5. We will stop creditors and their debt collectors and attorneys from harassing you and blacklisting you.
6. We will negotiate a stay in any legal proceedings and stop any judgment order.
4. In 82% of cases, we are successful at negotiating lower instalments and/or settlement discounts on your arrears.


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