R3,000.00 (incl VAT)


1. If your ID has not been verified by the Department of Home Affairs;
2. If your ID has been confirmed as deceased by the Department of Home Affairs;
3. If you have been listed as a perpetrator or a victim of fraud on the South African Fraud Prevention Services database;
4. If there is an account or blacklisting or judgment on your credit report, but:
a) you did not personally apply for the account;
b) you did not authorise another person to open the account on your behalf;and
c) you have no knowledge of ever having this account.
5. If your identity was used fraudulently and you are a victim of impersonation.
6. If you have been accused of opening accounts fraudulently – i.e. having submitted incorrect information and tampered with documents.




1. If an account is opened fraudulently, in your name, you will be held liable for the repayment of the account and any subsequent legal action – until you prove that this is the result of fraud and impersonation.
2. When an account is opened fraudulently, in your name, the perpetrator will take the money or goods and not make any repayments. This will then reflect as arrears, then a blacklisting and finally a judgment.
3. Arrears, blacklisting and a judgment is an automatic reason for any bank to decline your home loan, vehicle finance, credit card or personal loan.
4. In the majority of instances, a blacklisting and judgment is also an automatic reason for any credit provider (e.g. clothing & furniture retailers, cell phone companies, mico-lenders etc.) to decline any application for credit.
5. Having any of these “black marks” on your name flags you as a high risk to the banks and credit providers. It destroys your creditworthiness and any chance of securing finance.
6. If you ignore the arrears and blacklisting and continue to default on the monthly repayments, your creditors will start legal action against you. This means your account is handed over to attorneys and you will incur their legal costs and interest charges.
7. Ultimately your creditors will obtain a judgment against you, then a writ of execution, resulting in a garnishee on your salary or repossession of your assets.
8. These “black marks” also work against you, when applying for a new job or a promotion. It suggests that you are irresponsible and cannot manage your finances.
9. If you want finance or a new job or a promotion, you must have these black-listings removed.
10. This will improve your credit score and credit worthiness and will result in your finance application being approved.


1. We will challenge the fraudulent account with the creditor.
2. We have established authoritative legal grounds to compel the creditor to prove the authenticity of the application and your identity in this regard.
3. We will investigate and assess the validity of the application documents and prove the impersonation/fraud.
4. We will compel the creditor to write-off the account and absolve you of any liability.
5. We will have the account and all associated non-payment history, removed from your credit report from all 4 credit bureaus.
6. We have priority response and dedicated channels into all major credit bureaus. This guarantees us:
a) the quickest turnaround times;
b) priority escalations; and
c) enhanced monitoring and reporting.


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