R2,500.00 (incl VAT)


1. If you have been granted a new credit facility or loan and soon thereafter you start to experience difficulty in meeting the monthly instalment on that account or any other existing account.
2. If you were granted a new credit facility or loan (in the past or recently), while you were in arrears on any other existing accounts.
3. If you were granted a new credit facility or loan (in the past or recently), and the credit provider or bank did not do an affordability assessment (i.e. an assessment to confirm that you can afford the monthly repayment on the new facility).
4. If your personal information (like your income and expenses) was changed or manipulated (without your knowledge or consent), when you applied for the new credit facility or loan, in order for you to qualify for the new account.
5. If you cannot honour/meet your monthly instalments at present.




1. If a credit provider or bank granted you a credit facility or loan, that you could not afford, at the time it was granted – the credit facility or loan is considered reckless credit and unlawful.
2. If a court declares an agreement reckless, it becomes void (i.e. you will not be required to make monthly payments on the account as you are no longer liable for the outstanding balance on the loan).
3. The credit provider or bank, will not have any legal enforcement rights in respect of the agreement. As such, they cannot blacklist you or take a judgment against you.
4. The account and all record of its non-payment will be removed from your credit report.
5. This will dramatically improve your credit score, creditworthiness and affordability.


1. We assess the credit facility or loan to determine if it was granted recklessly.
2. If we establish that it was granted recklessly, we bring a formal application in court to have the account declared reckless and void:
a) We will prepare all legal documents, file and serve them;
b) We will appear in court on your behalf and argue the merits of your application;
c) We will obtain a court order declaring the credit agreement reckless;
d) We will lodge this with all 4 credit bureau and have the account removed from your credit record.
3. This will automatically stop any further legal action by the credit provider or bank, like an emolument attachment order e.g. garnishee of your salary or repossession of your assets.
4. In 77% of cases, we are successful in obtaining reckless credit orders.


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