R1,500.00 (incl VAT)


If you have an average credit score (i.e. above 751 but below 849), and have not received the best lending terms (e.g. less than 100% bond/car approved; high interest rate; high deposit required; surety required etc.)

A good credit score guarantees that you will get the most favorable lending terms from the banks.




1. If you have an average credit score, the banks may offer you finance (for your house or car) but not on the best lending terms.
2. The banks will only give a loan to you if they are confident that you will repay it. An average credit score indicates that you generally pay your accounts on time but you also have a history of some missed/late payments on your existing accounts.
3. In this case, banks may approve your application for finance, but they will price in the risk that you present. By this we mean that the banks will not offer you the most favorable lending terms. Banks will generally require a high deposit (up to 20% of the loan value); offer higher interest rates (i.e. 4-6 points above the prime rate) and may even require surety (i.e. require you to ceed your life policies or get a family member to stand co-surety).
4. This means you end up paying more, over the term of the finance and have to raise significant cash upfront for the deposit.


1. We will analyse your credit report and financial position and compile a customised set of recommendations that will result in creating your credit score. We will do this over a three (3) month period and issue you with an updated set of recommendations each month. Scorefix will result in creating a credit score for you within 1 – 2 months. In addition to the recommendations, you will have unlimited telephonic access to a credit adviser.
2. We have developed this program after extensive research and years of experience. We have a proven method that works!
3. This works like a diet or exercise plan: we identify your goal (weight or body physic) and then prescribe what you must eat and how you must exercise to achieve that goal.
a. You will only achieve the goal if you follow the eating and exercise plan.
b. This means that you are responsible for achieving the goal.
c. We will guide you and assist you, but you have to do the “work” to get the result.


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